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Alan Willis

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Artistic throughout my childhood, by the age of 18 I had left the art world behind me. More pressing issues had come into my life such as providing food, shelter, and an income to a growing family. After a 27 year absence from artistic expression, I picked up an airbrush for the first time in 2007.

Initially I taught myself automotive style graphics such as realistic flames, skulls, and other counter-culture images. Soon I began to realize that the airbrush artists I held in the highest esteem were the renderers of human faces, the portrait painters. I began to believe that if one could achieve this level of artistry, then anything and everything was possible. In 2008 I started accepting commissioned portrait work. I have no formal training to speak of, but I have been blessed with natural talent that has received a lot of attention. I have supplemented this talent with an almost obsessive desire to improve my technique and refine my style.

Whether I am rendering beauty, or the beast, my ultimate goal in the art world is to share my art; allowing each individual the opportunity to interpret my artistic vision in their own way, making each piece as unique as my art and the ones who appreciate it.

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